We’ve all got that one weird uncle that no one really understands, but you can’t help but love. The Doctor has an unabashed love for all humankind, but there are a select few that can claim a closer relationship with him. We examine the kinship the Doctor shares with these special companions and friends that have found a place in his hearts.

Agree or disagree? Did we overlook a key figure from the Whoniverse? Comment below, we want to know!

Our “Family Album” of Discussion:

  • 1st & Susan Foreman

  • 2nd & Victoria

  • 4th & Sarah Jane

  • 4th & Leela

  • 5th & Adric

  • 7th & Ace

  • 10th & Jenny (?)

  • 11th & the Ponds

  • 11th & Clara

    • Here’s all Keir has to say to defend that this is more a sibling relationship than friendship. Because really — who else would do this?tumblr_mlxk65gN2O1qbz2ffo1_500.gif

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