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Ask the average Earthling on the street to describe an advanced alien civilization, and they might very well picture a strange world of odd colors, outlandish architecture, barely recognizable life forms, and cultural behaviors that we may have little hope of comprehending. Ask a Whovian the same, and you’ll likely touch on a number of those descriptors with some variance (perhaps a higher percentage of humanoid forms), but more or less in the same vein. Now, go a step further, and ask about the inhabitants of Gallifrey in particular — on a planetary scale, not just our love-them-and-hate-them Time Lords, but the entire Gallifreyan species. All of a sudden, the areas of culture and society gets a little thin. Why is that?

This week, using only the aspects of Gallifrey that were either shown or mentioned in the Doctor Who televised series (classic and new), we try to form a fuller understanding of the Doctor’s home planet, and the people that occupy its cities and outlands. Knowing where we’ve left off at the conclusion of Series 9 and “Hell Bent”, odds are good that we’re not done learning more about Gallifreyan society, government, and populace. We also discuss the ramifications of learning those new things, and when the sum total may be too much to reveal.

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