We’ve all seen some truly brilliant marketing tie-ins for television programming, like a gesture-based Harry Potter wand remote control, or a Walking Dead edition of Zombie Dice. But sometimes the connection is a little less conspicuous. (What the hell does Spider-Man have to do with the United States Postal Service, anyway?) With the tremendous upswing in the popularity of Doctor Who, it seems everyone wants a turn at milking the cash cow. But when is that line crossed?

This week, we have some fun with the strangest connections some merchants have made in order to capitalize on the Whovian market. Have a need for a TARDIS-shaped mini-fridge in the den? Why not? A Cyberman head tool box? Sure, give me that upgrade. Dalek bath scrub, perhaps? EXFOLIATE!! There is seemingly no limit to the crazy program-to-product connections, and we highlight some of the most peculiar — and perverse — in our own odd way. (Yes, there’s a little “explicit” content here, so send the kids off for a fish fingers and custard snack.)

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2 Thoughts on “A Genuine TARDIS-Shaped Podcast”

  • Would you happen to know if the Who classics that I signed up for Amazon Prime for are going to be moving to Netflix??? This makes me very sad. I guess I will have to binge watch the classics and cancel before my 30-day trial is up. :/

    Thanks for the great shows!!

    • Sadly there has been no news about Netflix expanding their library. I know that Hulu Plus carries a lot more classic stuff than Netflix at the moment. Not sure how it stacks up against Amazon’s selection though. It may be worth the $8 a month for a few months until you get through it.

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