This week we start our look at the extended Whoniverse with a small sampling of novels. We get drawn into the whole “book vs. movie” aspect and the theater of the mind. We also discuss “canon” and whether the books are crucial or extraneous.

Here are the books we read and a brief synopsis of each:

  • Camera Obscura (2002)

    • 8th Doctor; joined by Fitz and Anji; Victorian England.

    • A series of disruptions in time are causing strange occurrences among the locals (telepathy, multiplicity, etc.). The Doctor must partner with nemesis the Sabbath — who has claimed one of his hearts to facilitate time travel — in order to locate the source of the problem.

  • Fear Itself (2005)

    • 8th Doctor; joined by Fitz and Anji; 22nd-century Mars & Jupiter.

    • Believed dead in a space station disappearance, Anji must forge a life for herself without the Doctor. Amid growing xenophobic tension and the Earth military on the brink of war (due to recent Dalek invasion), Anji hears the station may have survived, but in investigating, finds a struggle between a harsh “Professional”, feral survivors, and alien attackers.

  • Human Nature (1995)

    • 7th Doctor; joined by Benny (Bernice); England 1914.

    • (Sound familiar?) At the hands of the Aubertides, the Doctor has been stripped of his knowledge of being a Time Lord, leaving him to believe he is a history teacher at a boys’ prep school. Benny is left to try and restore him, while fending off an alien takeover.

  • Just War (1996)

    • 7th Doctor; joined by Benny (Bernice), Roz and Chris; England 1941.

    • The Nazis are somehow winning the war, due to an inexplicable military advantage that must be stopped to “restore the timeline”.

  • The Also People (1995)

    • 7th Doctor; joined by Benny (Bernice), Roz and Chris; The Worldsphere (Time Unknown).

    • A treaty between the Time Lords and the powerful People is threatened by a murder that cannot be left unsolved, and Benny is forced to make decisions that could save one life, at the cost of billions.

  • The City of the Dead (2001)

    • 8th Doctor; joined by Fitz and Anji; ~2005 New Orleans.

    • As a result of bone charms, Wiccan and voodoo magic, elemental spirits and the haunting of the Doctor’s dreams by “The Void”, a demon summoned by a supposed friend.

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  • Yes Keir. I think Rings Of Akhaten was a wonderful episode. It was entertaining to me. It had gravitas in it’s grandiose story. And It was replete with childhood wonderment. It was one of the better episodes of the series to me. I’m sorry you folks don’t seem to feel the same way.

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