What’s the point of being grown up, if you can’t be childish once in a while? We ask that very question this week, as we continue our look back at some stand out stories from each Doctor’s era. In this episode, it is finally time for us to revel in the vast body of work from the man whose name would become synonymous with Doctor Who for decades to follow: the incomparable Tom Baker. Care for a jelly baby?

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2 Thoughts on “A Scarf, a Grin, a Touch of Madness”

  • Incidentally, for those who want to know what other Tom Baker stories we had on our list of considerations…I mentioned a few on the cast, but as we implied, that was by no means a complete list of all the really enjoyable (and informative) 4th stories to choose from.

    Here is a fuller view of what I grappled with for weeks: Pyramids of Mars; Ark in Space (no, really); Deadly Assassin; Robots of Death; The Pirate Planet (some may not agree, but with more of Adams writing, it’s a winner); Horror of Fang Rock; Logopolis; Brain of Morbius; Terror of the Zygons; Keeper of Traken; and even Seeds of Doom and The Stones of Blood.

    As we stressed, you’re hard-pressed to go truly awry with any Tom Baker story, because there’s always SOMETHING in there to be entertained by. Perhaps one day we’ll get to do a fuller stroll through the archives, and review some more. What would you suggest?

  • The Pirate Planet and Stones of Blood are great. The exchanges between Baker and the older lady in Stones of Blood were awesome. She was just as eccentric as him. And the courtroom scene…classic!

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