This week, we take another step into our personal selections for exemplary episodes of each of the individuals fortunate enough to portray the Doctor, and become part of the half-century legacy that draws us all together as Whovians. Patrick Troughton took the mantle from the pioneer, William Hartnell, in October 1966. His first full television story was The Power of the Daleks, but it strikes us as the greatest pity that a great percentage of his stories and episodes are among the lost material that BBC archivists were unable to retain.

Nonetheless, Troughton is credited with bringing a new life to the program from 1966 to 1969, combining strong presence, affability, and a degree of comedic timing and humor that bordered on professional clowning — and has been quoted by Matt Smith as his personal inspiration. We adore the space hobo, and only hope that the years to come will provide some sort of discovery of that supposedly “lost” material.



3 Thoughts on “A Second Opinion”

  • …And incidentally, in case anyone ever wonders why my TARDIS hockey jersey (big props to Stargate Pioneer on that one) reads “BRIGADIER / 41”, that would be because Lethbridge-Stewart’s first appearance was in ‘Web of Fear’, being the 41st episode of the programme. =)

  • Troughton is amazing in Enemy of the World. My goodness. The costumes and guest characters hold their weight as well.

  • FWIW, the reason that Jamie was played by a different actor for part of the Mind Robber was that Frazer Hines contracted chicken pox and was out of action for a short period. With the tight shooting schedules, “Jamie with a different face” was the solution they came up with and for that short period he was played by Hamish Wilson.

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