Doctor Who and the PiratesIncidentally, as I did mention in the last ‘cast that there are some great examples of extended material via book and audio play format, here are a few additional pieces of Mr. Baker’s work (and Sixth Doctor stories in general) you might enjoy:

The Apocalypse Experiment (Big Finish Audio CD): Sixth and Evelyn discover the whereabouts of missing Gallifreyan President Romana (!), gone some 20 years, in the midst of a Dalek invasion of the Time Lords’ home planet. A great melange of strategy, wit, and conflict that allows Baker to lay off the bluster, and get down to business. A fantastic listen.

Vengeance on Varos (Novelization): Provides a deeper cut into the socio-political construct on Varos, the struggles that both citizens and ‘condemned’ face, and the keen strategy and reasoning that Sixth needs to apply in order to safely navigate the death games. Not to mention…you can change Peri’s voice to whatever you choose. =)

Doctor Who and the Pirates; or The Lass who Lost a Sailor (Big Finish Audio): Yes, it’s campy as heck. Yes, the story-within-the-story is a little tough to get invested in. Yes, it becomes a Gilbert and Sullivan MUSICAL halfway through. But I swear, on Rassilon’s beard trimmer, you have not LIVED until you’ve heard the entirety of “I Am the Very Model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer”.

Enjoy, fellow Whovians — and if you have others you’ve enjoyed outside the televised stories, share and share alike. Allons-y!