Chibnall has a thing for cliffs

Did you ever sit down to a meal that began so good, so dense, so flavorful, that you worried that the next course would pale in comparison? Well, it goes to show that frozen TV dinners have it right, and you should get everything all at once, separated by those crappy little ridges that barely keep the dessert from slipping over onto your vegetables, and…wait. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, cyborgs!

Bracing ourselves for a tumbling, screeching, the-brakes-are-out ride into the final story arc of the season, we’re given even more questions to add to the existing pile, with little time left for answers. Keir notes that we’re finally seeing Ireland in a Doctor Who episode, Haley has yet another fascinating (albeit dark) theory as to the connection between the Cybermen and the destruction of Gallifrey, and Jay shares how watching episodes like this can be really effective cardio workouts.

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