It is a foregone conclusion, from a television programming and development standpoint, that a series so popular and successful as to run a span of over fifty years is sure to take a swing at tangential or “spin-off” series at one time or another. Doctor Who has had numerous such attempts, most notably the 2006 action-drama Torchwood, the 2007 series¬†The Sarah Jane Adventures, and most recently, Class in 2016. Each had a target audience, a clear intent for what it provided its viewers, and a conscious decision as to how “connected” it would be to the DW series.

This week, the GPR squad each takes on the mantle of one of the Doctor Who spin-off series, and discusses its success as a standalone series, as well as its contributions and connections to the original programme.

Bonus Segment: We play a little round of “Title of My Life”…using Doctor Who story titles, we describe some aspects of our own lives, like ‘high school years’, and ‘first date’ experiences. (It’s…a little TMI.)

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One Thought on “Battle of the Spin-Offs”

  • I have no problem with a female doctor. Fact is as long as the stories and acting are good, that is what matters. I use these examples, especially because they are very unlikely. Suppose they have intentions to change it up, female doctor or a non Caucasian, and Eddie Redmayne or Damien Lewis (and he’s ginger) walk in to Chibnall’s office and say I want to be “The Doctor”. What do they do? Say no? Now those two won’t happen (which is why I picked them), but I just am bringing it up. And I like the idea of not finding out until the end of the Christmas special. Although, waiting over another year for season 11, will suck. I have no idea who most of the other rumored actors are (except Alexander Siddig), so I have no idea if they would be any good. I know Coleman & Dame Helen Mirren, and that’s it. So I have no idea about them either. Which is why, I go back to the beginning of the comment. Good acting/good stories and I’ll be happy.

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