There are those who love the chair-gripping suspense of a complex, trust-no-one thriller. Others dive deeply into whimsical, otherworldly fantasy and science fiction. Some have a place in their hearts for light comedy to provide escape from the troublesome world, or the warmth of explored relationships and character bonds. We can hope that our new showrunner has something up their sleeve to suit all viewers as we embark on Series 11 — perhaps without leaning too hard or for too long on any one style.

In the last of our panel sessions from (Re)Generation Who 4 in Baltimore, we discuss Chris Chibnall’s body of work to date, and what assumptions we can make (or hopes we can have) about what that CV will bring to the next season of Doctor Who. Joined by panelists Brian Biggs of the Whovian Running Club, Irene Richard, Charles Martin of The Space Javelin, and Ian McCann of The Casual Nexus, we do our fair share of theorizing, hypothesizing, and flat-out fantasizing about what the Autumn of 2018 will present to us.