Our Panel Line-Up for L.I. Who 5

It’s about as official as we allow ourselves to be! If you’re planning on joining us in three (!) short weeks in New York for L.I. Who 5, along with 1,500-plus other crazy-excited Whovians, here are our hosted and/or moderated panels for the weekend, including our live podcast recording that is now becoming a legend in our own minds! Oh No, Who Didn’t! (Friday @ 1:00 pm, Program Room B) The fast-thinking, high-sarcasm Whovian game from Gallifrey Public Radio is back. A […]

GPR Panels Announced for L.I. Who 4

The ink is drying, the program director is getting a much-needed break for a moment, and the weekend agenda for Long Island Doctor Who is starting to solidify. If you’re planning to join the thousands in New York for this momentous event, here’s a look at just a few of the scheduled goings-on that will feature your intrepid (exhausted, slightly punchy) Gallifrey Public Radio team. We look forward to seeing you! FRIDAY 12:00 PM Fan Panel: “Taking Our Kids to the Doctor” Younger […]

BBC Announces New Whovian Spin-Off

In an unexpected and rather unusual social media announcement today, the BBC unveiled plans for a new YA series within the Doctor Who universe titled Class, with the familiar names Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin and author Patrick Ness as executive producers. Shooting in Spring of 2016, it will be set at the famous fictional Coal Hill School, where so much of Doctor Who both classic and new has taken place. We say “unusual” because in hinting that “huge news” was […]

A Word on Jenna Coleman’s Departure

We in the Doctor Who fan community had every reason to suspect this was going to happen, but with a single day before Series 9 commences, the news that Ms. Coleman will be departing the program feels bittersweet. Let me explain. As we on GPR have pointed out many times over the past six months, Jenna weathered the criticisms received for how the Clara character was written and presented in the latter half of Doctor Who‘s Series 7 — criticisms that […]

One L.I. Who 2 Remember

We knew we had arrived at a very special place when the little Nissan compact in front of us had license plates from over 1,800 miles away, and a plush Dalek hanging from the rear-view window. Unpacking the recording gear and heading towards the lobby, the unmistakable “Official TARDIS Chase & Recovery Vehicle” owned and operated by the gifted TARDIS Tara dominated the first two parking spaces like a Whovian shrine. A glance to the right displayed a small sign […]

A Whovian at DragonCon

There is a certain form of tangible energy when a large gathering of people start to descend upon a single location, an element of anticipation and excitement that collects and rises in a wave that distorts time. With each new cluster of arrivals, the throng grows in intensity and volume, punctuated with shrieks of welcome, the clap of embraces, and the chatter that turns all individual conversations into an increasing fun, devoid of individual words, but uniform in a tone […]

GelaSkins for the Win

A while ago Keir decided to gush about his experience with GelaSkins, a company that makes high quality protective skins and cases for a huge assortment of devices. I recently got a skin for my iPhone and am getting some for my geeklings for easter to put on their Kindles. The great thing is that not only do they have an assortment of terrific artwork for you to choose from in their gallery, but they also allow you to upload […]

Who is Responsible?

In the afterglow of “The Day of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor” I can’t help but think about all the implications that these two pivotal episodes link. Things like the Doctor fully expecting to die at Lake Silencio, knowing he had no regenerations left as an ace in the hole. Or Rory, who wanted kids so badly, never being able to hold his actual daughter as a child (The one time he did, it was a ganger). This […]

Caption Contest Winners

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We had a blast seeing the captions you all delivered and were hard pressed to pick the ten winners. The winners have already gotten their codes and are all enjoying their new team mate on Doctor Who: Legacy, Brian “Pond” Williams. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are the winners. Congratulations to all our winners and we hope you all enjoyed this contest.

HOW many Doctors in the Anniversary Special?

Leave it to Clara to open her mouth, and let something slip about the upcoming 50th Anniversary Special. During the Royal tour of the TARDIS set in Cardiff, Jenna Coleman (she is now dropping the “Louise” from her screen name) met Prince Charles of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, along with Matt Smith and a few Daleks to boot. BBC News: The Royals Meet Daleks During Doctor Who Visit in Cardiff (As an aside, there’s something fascinating about hearing […]