The Doctor Who Movie (Drinking Game Commentary)

When you have the perfect storm of bad ideas: a large group of opinionated Whovians; a desire to watch the Eighth Doctor’s 1996 debut; a plethora of assorted drinks; a readily available set of drinking game rules; and it happening to be St. Patrick’s Day weekend…oh, you get the idea. Mistakes were made. This week, joined by friends and GPR guests Julie, Tanu, and Raemani, we fill our glasses and provide a less-than-professional commentary to the 1996 Doctor Who “pilot” movie. […]

Brave-ish Heart

Ah, young love. It has the power to inspire, to uplift the soul, to make one feel superhuman, to give one the courage to take on a physical incarnation of malicious darkness and pure evil that threatens to tear through the fabric of our universe and slaughter us all in an act of vengeance against wrongs we never knew existed. Or, you know, to write endless trite love songs. Ooh, baby, baby. This week, we resolve the previous Class cliffhanger in […]

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

No one has ever said that the successful balance of academics and athletics was easy. Even those who seem to accomplish this effortlessly are only demonstrating the perceived end result of discipline, training, and a fair helping of raw talent. But if you’ve decided to take on the added challenge of identifying and defeating a massive, body-skinning, flesh-consuming serpentine beast, well…you had better eat your Wheaties. (And hey, it goes without reminding you, but — SPOILERS LAY WITHIN, students.) In this GPR […]

There Are No Stupid Questions…

If there’s one thing Steven Moffat knows how to do exceptionally well, it’s how to leave a viewer exasperated and asking, “But…but…what about (this)?” While Series 8 certainly had a fair number of fascinating revelations and answers, there are still plenty of questions left untended. This week, we discuss some of the glaring omissions, some minor holes in our knowledge, and the minuscule things that shouldn’t bother us…but we can’t help but keep going over in our head. (For example, where […]

The Name of the Doctor Commentary

The Doctor has a secret that he will take to his grave. The secret is out, and we are joined by Jeannie from “Tyrion’s Landing” as we complete our commentary rewatch of Series 7B, and discuss “The Name of the Doctor”. (Oh, and were you aware that they were doing this “Anniversary” thing tomorrow? It might be…you know…interesting.) Link Dump: The newest webisode: The Last Day Gorgeous visualization of the Doctor’s travels Day of the Doctor DVD extras Every DW […]

Nightmare in Silver Commentary

We delve into Neil Gaiman’s sophomore attempt at penning for the Doctor and, well, don’t really feel like it’s an upgrade. In this episode, we’re talking “Nightmare in Silver”, and explore the newest cyberman upgrade (complete with one-time-only super speed), a stellar cast, and characters that we want to know more about and are left wanting. Oh yeah…and the obnoxious girl, too. (God, we hate that kid.) Note, too, that there’s a special “addendum” at the end of this episode […]

The Crimson Horror Commentary

Have you ever dipped your finger in melted wax and admired the coating it gives you? Have you ever tried it with your whole body, while under the influence of a prehistoric red slug with giant black gumdrop eyes? This week we are joined once again by listener and fellow Whovian Wil, while we watch “The Crimson Horror” and relive the — well, horror — of Mark Gatiss’ second offering to Series 7B. Listen while Keir tries to draw some good […]