Poll: The Next Companion for Series 10

We have months to go before Series 10 even begins production, and possibly longer before we have definitive news on who the new companion(s) will be. You know what that means: pot-shot guesses and wild fan speculation! Vote your conscience on the companion poll, and if you have some specifics on what you think will (or should) be done for the 12th Doctor’s company in the TARDIS console room, share it in the comments below. Let’s get hyped, and hypothesizing! [poll […]

But Enough About Us…

There are moments when we like to take pause, and hand the proverbial microphone to our listeners, allowing them to steer the conversation, share their opinions, and tell us all the many, many ways that we are flatly wrong. This time around, we opened Pandora’s Box in the attempt to find what everyone outside the GPR studios thought of Doctor Who Series 8 in our online poll (still open, by the way!), and the response was staggering. In fact, we received so much great feedback […]

POLL: Was Series 8 a Triumph, or a Failure?

There seems to be a divide among the Whovian community. (A shocking concept to all of us, no doubt.) While some loved the entirety of Series 8, others felt with equal fervor that it was a horrible mess. Some love the new Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi, and others hate him. And as always, there is the highly vocal group who blame Steven Moffat for everything wrong in the Whovian world. Where do you stand? Let us know what you thought […]