A Genuine TARDIS-Shaped Podcast

We’ve all seen some truly brilliant marketing tie-ins for television programming, like a gesture-based Harry Potter wand remote control, or a Walking Dead edition of Zombie Dice. But sometimes the connection is a little less conspicuous. (What the hell does Spider-Man have to do with the United States Postal Service, anyway?) With the tremendous upswing in the popularity of Doctor Who, it seems everyone wants a turn at milking the cash cow. But when is that line crossed? This week, we […]

The Clique-ing of the Clock

Whether you deem yourself a part of the “Baker Brigade” or a flag-waving resident of “Tennant Nation”, we’re talking to you. If you align yourself firmly with “Classic Who”, “NuWho”, or are a recruit/convert/drop-in from Torchwood, we’d like a moment of your time. Everyone listening? Thank you. In the words of another time-traveling team, we ask that you cease with in-fighting, and “be excellent to each other.” There are all sorts of subsets within the Doctor Who fan base, and if examine your stance carefully, you’ll […]

STONE – A Doctor Who POV Short Film

Who needs coffee when there are Whovians like John Smith out there coming up with videos like this. The effort of about 3 months worth of work from inception to final product, his first fully CG short is something that will haunt your memory for weeks to come. Well done, Mr. Smith. I now need clean shorts and an appointment with a therapist. Please show John some love on his YouTube page and his Facebook page. It’s fans like him […]

Whovian Spotlight: Melissa Mazza

As many of you are probably aware, our own Melissa Mazza is an accomplished model as well as a true (TARDIS) blue Whovian. She recently had a chance to combine those two areas of her life and wanted to share the outcome with all of our faithful listeners. Enjoy.