image00Ask any classic Whovian what stories they simply must watch, and “City of Death” will likely be one of the first answers given — often without a moment’s hesitation. This iconic Tom Baker story penned by the great Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame is a crowning achievement of not only the classic era, but of the program’s entire legacy in general. Combining whipcrack dialogue, a clever amalgam of science fiction, heist capers and comedy, and even a cameo by someone ‘completely different’, there’s plenty to enjoy in this four-episode story from 1979.

This week, in the first installment of our own “favorites arc”, we look with fondness at the lasting tale of time travel, art theft, conspiracy, the primordial cradle of all Terran life, and the effective techniques for smashing through ‘stone’ walls head-first that is Season 17’s  “City of Death”. Keir gladly takes the wheel for this part of our tour, and guides us through his essential Doctor Who story.

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