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Back at the close of Series 8, we recorded an episode where we looked at the road traveled thus far with the Impossible Girl, and the changes we were starting to observe with the character. Due in no small part to Jenna Coleman’s ever-expanding performance, writers and directors who explicitly sought to challenge and inspire growth, and highly praised chemistry with (new) lead actor, Peter Capaldi, we came to know and Clara much better, found ourselves endeared to her, and eager to see where she would continue to grow.

Once news emerged that Ms. Coleman would be exiting somewhere in the span of Series 9, Keir wrote a short article reflecting on the way Clara Oswald had worked her way into our personal pantheon of great companions — much to our own surprise. Jenna’s work was nothing short of exemplary, and we knew her exit would be more painful than we may have originally predicted.

Now that the “Era of Clara” has drawn to a close, we look fondly back on the most unlikely companion we ever thought we’d miss — and the many ways that she evolved from Impossible Girl to Improbable Favorite over her tenure.

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