City of Death

WWDD: What Would Duggan Do?

We’ve been gearing up to discuss this story since we decided to do a chronological rewatch of fully released classic Doctor Who, and it has taken us one heck of a long time to get here. But here we are: Paris, 1979!

(And sure enough, the night we choose to record, Keir and Julie’s podcast rig decides to crumble as if Duggan himself gave it a sound thumping and they end up in a cavernous space that doesn’t even have a couple decent frames of fake art in it. Typical. Don’t worry, we’ll have it sorted and back to our higher standards of audio quality by next week.)

With a bottle of wine, a chicken egg, a clenched fist, and a famous painting of a nonplussed Italian noblewoman, we head to Paris for what is undoubtedly our favorite classic era story. From the ‘we can’t believe it was written this quickly’ backstory, to the snappy and smart Douglas Adams dialogue, to the over-the-top but still delightful performances, we agree that the only thing we’d want to change about it is the duration. We’d want more.