Do you love adventure? Do you look dashing in black and red shoulder pads? Do you take certain pleasure in running mamby-pamby colonists off their government-appointed lands in the interest of thinly-veiled corporate greed? Do you have a hairstyle that would make both Sonny Bono and Liberace stare slack-jawed? Then you may have a future…in the Interplanetary Mining Corporation! Benefits include your own poorly-sighted rifle; keys to a sweet Daimler Haflinger buggy-type-thing; the most killer looking helmet this side of a Megaman game cartridge cover; and all the insufferable primitives you can keep in subjugation through violent means. The future — is now!

This week, we welcome friend Chris Kocher to join in our return to the GPR Classic Rewatch Series with “Colony In Space”. The Master is back at his Season 8 shenanigans, and the Third Doctor and Jo have their hands full dealing with him, along with starving colonists, lizard-impersonating robots, three flavors of oddly crafted indigenous species, and a bunch of jack-booted mining thugs bent on stripping the planet of valuable resources. Oh, and did we mention a Doomsday Weapon? Yeah, there’s one of those, too. Settle in to your launch seats, this one gets busy.