Actors playing dual roles in a single production is nothing new to film or television, but sometimes there are performances that are so exemplary, we almost forget that the two identities stem from a single actor.

This week, Jay and Haley ponder why Keir’s doppelgänger would kidnap him to Vermont, leaving them to witness Patrick Troughton pulling double duty in the recently rediscovered “Enemy of the World”. We talk about Troughton’s portrayal of Ramon Salamander and the incredibly convoluted story that brings us betrayal, double and triple crosses, impersonations, and a fight against tyrannical rule (just to cap things off).




One Thought on “Classic Rewatch: Enemy of the World”

  • In the news segment, you talked about the whole Matt Smith returns, and I think this will happen. And it will happen, via Big Finish. The 10-Donna stories “EXCELLENT”. You could have Matt Smith come back the same way, and with for example, a voice actor playing Alice, his comic book companion. Or someone totally new.

    I believe, in a recent BF podcast the return of 10 & 11 was and has been discussed. I’d be shocked if 10-Donna didn’t return.

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