“It is better to believe in science.”

Mind-benders and psychological thrillers are fascinating, sure. We’re just as big of fans of Black Mirror, The OA, Fringe and Lost as you are. It’s great to have stories you can sink your teeth into…or even get helplessly confused by. But every once in a while, isn’t it refreshing to have a straight-forward story that just drives steadily towards a showdown finish, and is as rewarding as a comfort-food meal?

Jeremy Radick joins us again a the top of Season 15 for a nice, leisurely tour of a lighthouse on a perfectly serene evening. Everything is just fine. Nothing unusual or alarming. Just a calm night on the beach, with completely reliable utilities and a group of people who are totally not in danger or at risk of complete annihilation whatsoever. Pass the wine, please? Cheers. Oh, what a lovely set of diamonds you have there.