“Is this the way you treat all your houseguests?”

Earth science. Psychology. Paranormal activity. Time travel. Gallows humour. All the makings of a really bang-up classic Doctor Who episode, right? The question is, when your veteran script editor is on the way out, and the successor comes in late in the game to complete the ‘tightening up’ of the episodes to be shot, does it have the stamina to end as strongly as it began?

With all the best intentions (and the glowing skull of Eustace) we set out to fully enjoy this horror story from Series 15…but there are a few bumps along the way. Performances are enjoyable from both Baker and Jameson, and the supporting cast does a great job of punching up their roles to suit the story’s brooding horror. The script from Chris Boucher gives us a buffet-table of entertainment options to pick at. But is the meal satisfying once the dishes are cleared? Watch, listen in, and decide for yourselves…