“Praise Demnos!”

It’s been some time since we’ve gone back to our classic stories, but hey…we had new Who to enjoy, so who could blame us? Besides, our DVD and Blu-Ray sets weren’t going anywhere. (Well, expect for that one disc we loaned out, and still have yet to get back…we’ve really got to call that guy and remind him.)

But now we can return to the past, and enjoy the incredible ‘sweet spot’ where we left off: the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane, two years into their adventures, and the absolute best of friends.

Gazing into Season 14 like so many 15th century telescopes, we step back to a Baker and Sladen historical piece with a talented, if singularly gendered, supporting cast. While we openly admit that this isn’t the end-all-be-all definitive example of this duo’s finest story, and it does have its flaws (such as being a veritable salami-fest, if you’ll pardon), Charles brings up an excellent point about the story’s approachability for those unfamiliar with the show premise, and even tells us how that fact impacted his life in a very personal way.