A man walks down the street in that cape, people know he’s not afraid of anything

An artist’s dedication to a craft is a powerful thing. They may spend months, years, perhaps even a lifetime toiling at their work, making seemingly undetectable changes here and there in the pursuit of something they may never even consider finished, let alone ‘perfect’. But when a collection of artists gather together to help realize a vision that the originator(s) were not provided the opportunity to give to the world, their collective dedication evolves into a shared labor of love.

Never given the chance to film in its entirety in 1979, what was slated to be the penultimate story of Season 17 was left in production limbo until a team of animators, producers, and cast came together to complete and broadcast Douglas Adams’ final Doctor Who script in 2017. We delve into the last six-part story of Classic Who, discuss the narrated reconstruction that preceded the 2017 animation, revel in both the lead and supporting characters, and debate whether this or the famed “City of Death” are the clearer example of Adams’ writing style and prowess when applied to a Doctor’s story.