Terror of the Zygons

Dramatic storylines are great. Emotionally gripping, heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat tales have their value, sure. Comedic romps are a great pressure release when things are too much. But sometimes…

…sometimes, you just need a simple run-fast-and-flail-about adventure. With kilts. And tentacles. And cyber-monster milk. And pitchforks.

This week, we dive to the bottom of Loch Ness to begin Season 13, and meet the shapeshifting adversaries not to be seen again for 40 years. We try once again to determine if the decision to push this story past its original role as the Season 12 was a good one, praise the 1975 effects team for Zygon transition effects, and wonder just how many rubber cups were needed to build that spaceship interior, anyway. Haley wonders if the bullet that grazed Harry Sullivan should have pulled left just a bit, and Keir burns even more incense to his canonized Saint Benton.

EXTRA: A little preview of next week’s game, “Worst. TARDIS. Team. Ever.”