Those wild frat days with Theta Sigma, amirite?

Sure, absolute power corrupts absolutely. But what if you completely fail to take anything seriously? Seems to work for the Fourth Doctor, nine out of ten times…

Our good friend Drew from “Who and Company” joins us to finish assembly of the Key to Time, and wrap up the sixteenth season of Doctor Who. Performances across the board are exemplary, and the story hits all the marks it needs to…with the expected caveats that so often come with six-part adventures. Particular honorable mentions are given to Shapp and Drax, the runaway favorites among the supporting cast who take an ominous plot and pepper it with comic relief (sometimes intentional, sometimes not) that virtually steals the show. Baker and Tamm’s closing moments are worth the price of admission, but it leaves us all wondering about the (no spoilers) unfolding of events on the DW set in the season to follow.