The Gunslingers

We’ve been waiting for this for some time, and not for the reasons you might think. This third season classic story, the first set in the United States, and the first of only a few attempts at a “western” theme, has had its share of maligns and put-downs. Well frankly, we think those yella-bellied nay-sayin’ so-and-sos are just doin’ it wrong. Viewed in the right light, it’s a perfectly enjoyable (and at times, outright comedic) romp, and as we discuss, might even be self-aware — which makes it all the better.

This week, we shake the dust from our boots and saddle up to “The Gunfighters”, that fateful moment where Doctor Who took on the Tombstone story. Complete with quick draws, jail breaks, and possibly the worst earworm of a theme song ever composed, we spend a little time panning¬†the mud, and find comedy gold.

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