The Ice Warriors

So it seems that Scooby, Shaggy, and the gang have found a mysterious shape embedded deep within a block of glacial ice. Velma’s and Fred’s insatiable curiosities are piqued, and simply have to know what…or who…is trapped within. Nothing to fear, though, of course. Whatever is in there, if it ever was a living thing, has to be long dead by now. Right?

The plot may begin with a rather recognizable trope by modern standards, but with the Second Doctor adventure, ‘The Ice Warriors’, the premise was far more original and, dare we say, fresh. (We’re not sorry. We never apologize for puns.)

This week, GPR East and West (Keir and Haley) enjoy the four surviving episodes and two animated recreations of ‘The Ice Warriors’, and discuss the thematic statements about nuclear winter, modern dependence upon technology, and what hundreds or thousands of years trapped in a glacier apparently does to one’s vocal chords. (Hint: Varga won’t be touring with an a capella group any time soon.)

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