Kafka has nothing on the minds of Dave Martin and Bob Baker. Well, then again, maybe he does, but we’ll be darned if The Metamorphosis is half as entertaining as watching a civilization of warriors (looking like a group of roadies from a Journey tour who found a side gig as extras in Game of Thrones) try to stave off a transformation into a chittering bug-people, all while trying to exert their independence from a tyrannical alien race — who just happen to be the last vestiges of a rapidly collapsing Earth Empire. Oh, and did we mention the poisonous daytime atmosphere, radioactive caverns, or insane figures of authority on all sides? It may be six short episodes, but you might need a road map and a rest stop along the way.

Stephen Webb of the Coal Hill AV Club joins us for many, many trips to and from the surface of Soros in the Third Doctor story, “The Mutants”. With the customary ‘too many megalomaniacs in the kitchen’ scenario, along with a Braveheart-like uprising, you almost don’t need big-eyed aliens. But you’ve got ’em, friends. Keir enlightens Jay on a bit of “hey I know that guy!” casting, Haley and Stephen debate the effective use of Jo Grant’s character, and we all find a greater appreciation for “Super-Ky”.