The Robots of Death

"I do not think I like this metal world, Doctor."

There may be clues piled as deep as granulated silicate in a collection chamber, but sometimes you want to see the story play out regardless of the clear indication 'whodunnit'. Especially when there are slowly...slooooowly...advancing adversaries reaching for your throat. Wait for it...wait for it...aaaaaaand scream!

With a fistful of sticky bike reflectors, we head into the Fourth Doctor and Leela's second adventure, an Agatha Christie-meets-Isaac Asimov murder mystery with Leninist overtones. (Oh, and sand!). We applaud the more diverse and representational cast (a rarity at the time), wonder if Leela is being adequately realized as a valuable character at the hands of a single writer thus far, and learn some interesting backstory to the Whovian installment that explains that yes, Virginia, there always has been some social activism in Doctor Who. Funny, that.

EXTRA: Keep an eye on the website and social media next week for links to a game show participant survey...we're bringing back the "Family Who-ed"! (And we're not apologizing for it.)