“An obvious question. I wish I knew the answer.”

Your parents warned you repeatedly about the importance of eating your greens. Little did you know that the rationale behind it was actually “eat or be eaten”. We may never look at a bowl of spinach pasta salad the same way again…

Strapping on our weed-killer backpacks, and exercising absolutely ZERO patience for thug henchmen, we plunge into the undergrowth of “The Seeds of Doom”, the closing story of Season 13. Holmes and Hinchcliffe continue their horror theater tributes in this adaptation of “The Thing from Another World”, wherein we flinch at the Fourth Doctor’s hot temper, grimace¬† at the malice of Scorby, wince at the prospect of a giant compost thresher, and clutch our ears at the sound of Chase’s compositions. Across all the senses, honestly, it’s a lot to take in.

EXTRA: We reflect on how uplifting and reassuring Jodie Whittaker makes us feel on the cusp of Series 11’s premiere, in her beautifully dictated essay to IGN.