The Tenth Planet

There are quality¬†science fiction stories, and there are iconic ones. When you have a story that not only provides the origin of a terrifying adversary that persists for over forty years to follow, but simultaneously presents the viewers with the departure of their principal actor, to be replaced in a most unprecedented fashion by another individual in the same role — but somehow yet to be explained within the script — you’re on to something legendary.

Closing the Hartnell chapter on our classic Doctor Who rewatch, we end on “The Tenth Planet”, the Cyberman origin story, and a wholly entertaining story from the legendary Kit Pedler. We bid an emotional farewell to our First Doctor, discuss the merits of “Mondas Cybermen” versus “modern Cybermen”, praise the virtues of the quintessential ‘angry military leader’ and ‘exasperated scientific advisor’, and demand that Polly get to do more than fetch coffee, damnit. #teampolly

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