Typically, we use this lead-in moment to identify some sort of parallel between the classic story we’ve been returning to, and the daily lives we lead. Sometimes, it’s the connection between the television adventure, and our own socio-political climate. Perhaps a dissertation on the disparity between the haves and the have-nots. It could even be a study on the way we deal with trauma, near-death experiences, or the futility of war.

And sometimes, we throw all that aside, and say, “daaaang, kids, that was a load of fun”.

This week, we’re thrilled to sit back and enjoy the tenth anniversary episode of the classic Doctor Who run, “The Three Doctors”. With so many momentous aspects of these four episodes, from firsts to lasts, it could be so beloved based on those merits alone, The fact that it’s a wholly entertaining and engaging story to boot makes it that much more of a near-perfect viewing. Hoist on those gigantic helmets, and will a few couch-side snacks into existence, because this is a fantastic one to enjoy over and over.

EXTRA: A little preview of our upcoming live recording at LI Who 5, where we’ll be playing “Two Whos and a Lie” with our audience!