The Time Monster

Oh, those beloved gems of the Classic Who era, those perfect vertices between the complexity of script and clunkiness of execution that make them so near and dear to our Gallifreyan hearts. Those episodes where a handful of minutes can separate one of the most touching emotional dialogues the Doctor has ever shared with a companion, from one of the goofiest looking monsters ever to flap wildly about the screen. Dear, sweet 1972, you will always be a golden year to us.

This week, we’re pleased to be joined by Will and John of the Mutter’s Spiral podcast, chatting away about the six-part Pertwee and Delgado adventure in Atlantis, ‘The Time Monster’. With the ideal amalgam of content and camp, character and craziness, it’s an immediately enjoyable story with enough to please both rabid Third Doctor and Jo Grant fans, while still giving those of us with a little sense of self-effacing humor plenty to snicker at — with love, always with love. The Master has never been closer to triumph, the Doctor and Jo have never been more symbiotic, the supporting cast is exceptional, and the monster is…well, it’s a flying, flapping bird suit made of toilet paper. (What, did you think we were going to sugar-coat it?)

EXTRA: We spend a big ‘ol chunk of time thrilled over the BBC One announcement of the three new companions — no, wait, “friends” — who will be joining the Thirteenth Doctor in Series 11. ME also, of course, ponder the careful phrasing of the official press release, and get stereotypically pedantic about semantics.