“The quest is the quest.”

When you achieve something extraordinary, there will always be that contingent that asks, “What’s next?”. The difficulty is that once you’ve set such a high bar, the old legs are a bit too tired and sore to try and vault over it again so soon. Our previous enjoyment of “The Sun Makers” was at such a peak level, Doctor Who writers and producers were going to have a hard time attaining it again in the subsequent story.

The depleting budget for the season didn’t help.

With a slow and steady float down a tunnel of diminishing quality, we reach the core of the penultimate Season 15 story, “Underworld”. The script feels a little thin, the practical sets even thinner, and the promises of some meaty Time Lord backstory never quite come to fruition, but we’re still able to find some pleasure in some applied effects, Dudley Simpson’s music, and those silly Minions…er…Minyans. BA-NA-NA!