Class Episode 4

Emotions are complex and most often unpredictable catalysts for change. Our minds process and choose to react to events with a series of chemical releases and electrical charges, and just as we are individual in our personalities and identities, so are our responses to intense situations. What would happen if the nature of our reactions were in some way tied to those of another? Not in the sense of empathy, but actual physical and emotional pulls driven by a completely separate entity? “Loss of control” seems like an understatement.

This week, we delve into the fourth episode of Class, and the myriad of storylines it brings to the foreground. The Shadow Kin are back to wreak havoc on April’s health and sanity, some fledgling relationships are being strengthened while others are dramatically weakened, hard truths are being told, the mysterious Governors are now in the mix, and in the midst of it, some rather unusual plant life is making an uncomfortable appearance. Too much for one episode, so hey — cliffhanger!

Bonus Segment: Our interview with 1986-1989 script editor for Doctor Who, Andrew Cartmel, live from L.I. Who 4!

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  • I know it is peripheral to the discussion of the discussion of the episode/story itself, but since you are going from The War Games to Spearhead From Space, it would be cool if you touched on the Season 6B theory, since not everybody knows about it.

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