So, what’s your ideal job? No, not that one. You know, the one you could have if nothing were impossible. Of course…Timelord, naturally. Is it any wonder that a comedic romp through the dangers, pitfalls and ripple-effect repercussions of time travel would be written about a group of science fiction geeks, in a film for science fiction geeks, and penned by a science fiction geek (who just also happens to be a current writer for Doctor Who)? It’s as if this were all some sort of predestined, inalterable course of events…

This week, we celebrate our 150th episode, not with champagne and caviar, but with pints of bitter and stale crisps as we close our temporal appreciation arc with the 2009 comedy Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. Written by Whovian alumnus Jamie Mathieson (Flatline, Mummy on the Orient Express, and the upcoming The Girl Who Died), we remark on the clever balance of comedy and scientific theory, remark on the fact that 2/3 of our GPR cast had never seen the film before (much to the remaining third’s astonishment), and gain a sense of certainty that Series 9, Episode 5 is going to be nothing short of spectacular.

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