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Direct input from fellow Whovians is the fuel that keeps us motivated, inspired and constantly improving here in the GPR studios. How you feel about the podcast, the Doctor Who series itself, the community of good-hearted fans that surrounds it, and all related subjects are the reason we bring out our weekly installments.

Feel free to share your thoughts (or questions, concerns, arguments, favorite dessert recipes) with us via any of the following methods:

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3 Thoughts on “Contact Us”

  • Just watched the New Year’s Special and I got to say… she ruined the chance to hear “It’s bigger on the inside”. I’ve been missing that all season long. I didn’t get it in Ghost Monument, or in Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos, and I’m a bit upset. That’s all I’ve got to say. Love the podcast, being listening for years. Been watching Who for as long as I can remember (started with Aztecs) Please address this in your show please, I would love to get your opinions.

  • I just wanted to take a look at that the scene in The Brain of Mobius where the Doctor and Mobius do that mind sparring match, we see the Doctor’s past incarnations right back to the 1st, after which a focus is moved to Mobius. At this point people have suggested that these other faces are even more incarnations of the Doctor. I see this scene as other incarnations of Mobius himself, as there are more of them and makes him more stronger which is why he seemed to win that little battle. I just wondered what you guys think about that?

    I also believe Gallifrey Public Radio is most infinitely the best Whovian podcast I have happened to stumble on and feel absolutely gratified to listen to you guys being honest with your thoughts and feelings without any of the toxicity that some apparent ‘whovians’ seem to contaminate the DW universe with. I call those kind of so-called fans ‘cloister bell critics’!

    Thank you very much to you guys for creating this podcast and for simply being you. It restores my faith to the spirit of what it means to be a true Whovian. :)

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