We don’t make any attempts to hide our excitement over the premiere of Series 11, and the overwhelming array of new personalities to meet, voices to hear, and talents to witness as we hit the ground running. We’ve talked at length (no, we’re not going to apologize, it’s what we do) about our satisfaction over casting, writing, and directing announcements, and the upcoming global broadcast of “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” is turning Sunday into nothing short of an observed holiday in our respective homes.

We’ve discussed what we feel about the new scores and soundtracks to anticipate, the new effect and post-production teams, the emerging cast comradery, the thousands of fan responses, the convention panels, press junkets, and trailers. At this stage, we feel there’s only one thing left to do: write a nice letter.

With only days to go before Doctor Who returns, we pause in the eye of the storm, and speak our hearts directly to two most important recipients: to Jodie Whittaker herself; and to the viewer who will be finding the program for the first time this season. Each of us reflects individually upon what can be said to these ‘readers’, but without stealing anyone’s thunder, suffice to say that there is a lot of love flying around this studio. You might want to maintain a low center of gravity, to avoid getting knocked over by the feels.