The Long Game

Oh, snap!

There are protagonists, and there are antagonists, and then there are those characters that are categorically neither, but are so dangerously indelible that you can’t scrub them from your memory no matter how hard you try.

Yes, it’s Adam Mitchell, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t find a lot to enjoy in our first visit to Satellite 5 in the Ninth Doctor’s glorious season. From the cracking chemistry between Eccleston and Piper at their peak, to the contributions of guest stars Simon Pegg as the Editor and Keir’s personal favorite Tamsin Greig as the Nurse, it also presents a fair bit of poignant commentary from writer RTD about the distrust of heavily edited and hand-manipulated news media. (While we can’t necessarily blame most of the modern newsfeed bias on a giant carnivorous overheated ceiling blob, it’s a fun romp nonetheless.)

And see? We didn’t even have to dwell on the smarmy, self-serving crappiness of Rose’s not-temporary-boyfriend!