Desert Island Doctors

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a big blue box
That left you and your Time Lord mate abandoned on the rocks.
No rescuers will come to aid, no hope of being found
You’re on your own, so make the best of what you find around.
Your cohort is a little mad, you’ve known that for a while,
But which face does the Doctor wear beside you on the isle?

This week, the GPR trio sits down to play their fledgling “who’d you choose?” game in earnest, looking to identify which of the Doctor’s regenerations we’d want with us if trapped on a deserted island. To make the game interesting, we ponder categories like ‘the Doctor you’d want if looking to survive’, or ‘the Doctor to help keep you sane’, or even ‘the Doctor to help escape the island because you sure as heck know that search and rescue team isn’t coming, and if you eat one more banana you’re going to snap’. In any case, Gilligan had the Professor, so the Doctor’s a definite improvement, right?