Class: Detained

It doesn’t matter what you did to get here, or didn’t do, or what the “real story” is. The fact is, you’re in detention, that fact isn’t going to change, so you might as well take your lumps, and get it over with. That is, unless a malevolent sentient chunk of glowing geode happens to knock your localized region out of time and space, in which case you had better get used to seeing the same faces around you for the next…what, two or three epochs? But the odds of that happening are beyond extraordinary, so keep your voices down, your hands to yourself, and the hour will be over before you know it. (Or was that really an hour, in relative time?)

This week, we’re eager to return to Class, for the sixth episode, “Detained”. Our misfit gang of five are in detention for reasons only Quill knows (and refuses to give), and being the Coal Hill School, it can’t just be a Breakfast Club-type romp against authority. No, we’ve got asteroids (sorry, meteors), uncomfortable truths, and more guilt than you can shake a ruler at. It’s quite a gamble for Patrick Ness to play the “bottle episode” card on only the sixth episode of a new series, but does it pay off?

Bonus Segment: We get wistful (and weird) for a while with the lovely Daphne Ashbrook, live from L.I. Who 4!

daphne ashbrook at liwho

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