This wek we take a look at the Sontarans, the Siluruans, and the Weeping Angels as we begin our villain arc. Let us know which villain you think we can’t possibly exclude and we’ll include them in next weeks show.
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originally posted 2-16-13



One Thought on “Episode 25: Know Thine Enemy”

  • Just finished listening to this episode a few days ago. I am currently trying to catch up on all of your cast. I can’t just jump in and go. Having a retrospect of villains was great. I’m glad that it wasn’t the typical two that are the most well known. Since starting my watch of the New Who a few years ago I have spent a lot of time studying and attempting to watch all the Classic Who I can get my hands on. Even before I watched Who I knew about Daleks, and Cybermen. Upon watching Who I fell in love with several villains. Some of them being the Sontarans and, the Siluruans. But the villains that did surprise met he most was the Weeping Angels. Blink is an episode that totally stood out to me. They villains were so rich and well frightening. I was a bit let down when the MO of the Angels changed. I can get behind the theory Jay spoke of with the feeding needs. But come on they were perfect the way they were. I do hope they return to the original MO of the Angels. Anyways I do have several more episodes to catch up on. All have been amazing so far. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest.

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