“You. Now, you listen to me. You’re going to be alone now, and you’re very bad at that. You’re going to be furious and you’re going to be sad, but listen to me. Don’t let this change you. No, listen. Whatever happens next, wherever she is sending you — I know what you’re capable of. You don’t be a warrior. Promise me. Be a Doctor. Heal yourself. You have to. You can’t let this turn you into a monster. So I’m not asking you for a promise. I’m giving you an order. You will not insult my memory. There will be no revenge. I will die, and no-one else, here or anywhere, will suffer. This is as brave as I know how to be. I know it’s going to hurt you, but…please…be a little proud of me. Goodbye, Doctor.”

“Let me be brave.” A final credo repeated by Clara Oswald, and very likely uttered by many Whovians as they reached the end of an exceptional freshman script from writer Sarah Dollard. This week, we discuss this compelling story, crowned by a heart-wrenching exit by one of the most surprisingly beloved companions of the program since the 2005 revitalization.  

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