FlatlineWhat would be the best way for a fledgling Doctor Who writer to handle being assigned the “Doctor-Light” episode of the series?

  1. Scare the crap out of us so that we forget everything else (i.e., “Blink”).
  2. Give the Companion, effectively left on their own, the chance to show how incredible they really are (i.e., “Turn Left”).
  3. Cheat like a lazy school kid, and scatter the Doctor all throughout the episode in the hopes that no-one notices.

Jamie Mathieson appeared to like all three options, and decided to use the lot.

This week, we discuss “Flatline”, the second episode of the eighth DW series by Mathieson. With a nearly perfect blend of humor and horror, this episode was in incredible treat this late in the series. Join us as we discuss the adventure that has made us afraid to walk past murals. (Sorry, Banksy.)

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5 Thoughts on “Flatline”

  • I really enjoyed the episode. In fact, I’ve enjoyed every one of the episodes this season. And I’m really liking Capaldi. He’s definitely my favorite of the “new” Doctors (since The Return). He seems like a Classic Doctor for some reason. Oh, and, again, love the podcasts.

    By the way, this week’s podcast on iTunes ended (little kid voice copyright) with 4:54 showing as remaining. I let it play out, hoping for a “Sgt Pepper Inner Groove” kind of surprise, but, alas, nothing.

    • That’s it! Jay, we need to start putting stingers at the end of episodes, like buried tracks on my old rock LPs. (After all, I am the Egg Man.)

  • Allow me to burst your bubble: there was never any mention of a ‘girl’ in the shop. ;)

    • You’re right. I went back and checked and Clara said “The woman in the shop wrote it down.” End of discussion I guess. It is now safe to assume that it was Missy.

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