There’s only one place where you’ll see the most fantastic costumes, outlandish characters, unbelievable exploits, manic emotional upheaval, and tumultuous conflicts — Camden, New Jersey! No, wait. Broadway? Getting closer, in a non-geophysical location sense — GALLIFREY!

This week, joined by Andy Hicks of the Coal Hill A/V Club, we destroy some perfectly nice, quiet down time by wondering what Doctor Who would be like if characters suddenly broke into song. Much like episodes of “The Monkees”, “Galavant”, or the odd NBC live attempt, we grab memorable moments from some of our favorite episodes, and think of who would take that opportunity to step forward into the limelight and belt out a tune. Andy even rewards us with one of the A/V Club’s signature song parodies — and you may never listen to Jefferson Timeship…er…Starship the same way again.