The last known photograph of the collected attendees of Geekation 2014. Present whereabouts unknown.

As many of you know, GPR were among quite a few podcast of the Gonna Geek Network that made it to Geekation this year. Since it is such a rare thing for all of us to be in the same time zone, let alone the same hotel suite, we took the opportunity to do a podcast all together, recapping some of the highlights of the “Poindexter Party” up to that point.

Your Contributors:
Jay: Gallifrey Public Radio and the Starling Tribune
Keir: Gallifrey Public Radio
Haley: Legends of SHIELD
Stargate Pioneer: Legends of SHIELD and the Starling Tribune
Nightwing: Legends Podcast, Gonna Podcast, and the Starling Tribune
Beef: Legends Podcast