A while ago Keir decided to gush about his experience with GelaSkins, a company that makes high quality protective skins and cases for a huge assortment of devices. I recently got a skin for my iPhone and am getting some for my geeklings for easter to put on their Kindles.

The great thing is that not only do they have an assortment of terrific artwork for you to choose from in their gallery, but they also allow you to upload your own image and create a custom skin. As Whovians, you understand the appeal this has. I’ve been searching their device lists for anything I can make a little geekier and it is a wonderful addiction.

Just this morning I decided my Xbox 360 S needed a change of clothes.
GPR Xbox














Of course that left me with a plain old Kinect, and we can’t have that.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.05.44 AM







These are the rendered images provided by their site to preview,  so the coverage and orientation aren’t perfect, but I can attest that their finished product is top notch. If you have a device or gadget that you think needs some sprucing up, or doesn’t add enough to your geek cred, I can’t recommend GelaSkins.com highly enough. Go, design, and enjoy your newest addiction. Tell ’em Jay sent ya.

*This post was not endorsed by GelaSkins in any way, we just really love their product and want to share it with all of you.