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The soft glow of the holiday lights. The faint strains of a familiar carol heard from a neighbor’s home. The smell of nutmeg floating in the crisp air. The shiver down your spine as a needle-sharp claw comes to rest on your shoulder. Happy Christmas, Whovians!

With the holiday mere days away, and more importantly for our calendars, the Doctor Who Christmas special, we decided to take a look back at the previous yuletide offerings that have been placed under our trees…right next to that one last satsuma. From that perfect present you’ve been hoping for all year, to that grotesque lump of coal that someone thought was hilarious but only served to propel you back to the egg nog bowl with a flask, we cover them all and discuss what they could mean for the upcoming broadcast of Last Christmas.

(And if you’ll notice, there’s a spring of mistletoe just under the “Public Call” sign. Pucker up, sweetie!)

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