In late 2004, the British television-viewing public was informed that the near-lost science fiction program(me), Doctor Who, would be returning to the airwaves. The next year, with a new orchestration of the theme song, special effects by the prestigious workshop The Mill, and a Manchester actor with fifteen years of film and television credit to his name, the TARDIS doors opened once again, and our newest companion was told to simply, “Run!”

This week, we look at the single-season tenure of Christopher Eccleston, our Ninth Doctor. With thirteen episodes to present, introduce, and revive a viewing audience to the series, he infused our titular character with unique blends of humor and regret, pathos and vigor. Joined by a special guest in the GPR studio, our episode selections focus on Eccleston’s ability to capture our attention and appreciation, while giving us elements of the DW universe both well-known and completely before unseen, all to ponder anew.

Referenced Episodes:

  • Dalek
  • The Empty Child
  • The Doctor Dances

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