LI Who 4

The ink is drying, the program director is getting a much-needed break for a moment, and the weekend agenda for Long Island Doctor Who is starting to solidify. If you’re planning to join the thousands in New York for this momentous event, here’s a look at just a few of the scheduled goings-on that will feature your intrepid (exhausted, slightly punchy) Gallifrey Public Radio team. We look forward to seeing you!

Fan Panel: “Taking Our Kids to the Doctor”
Younger and younger viewers are expressing interest in seeing and learning more about Doctor Who, much to our Whovian parents’ pride and enthusiasm. But where are the safe entry points into the series, based on each child’s age and temperament, when it comes to potentially complex or at times scary science fiction? Using personal anecdotes and audience input, the panel devises possible “primer sets” for children to begin their Doctor Who viewing experience safely and enjoyably.

Stage Interview: Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Jeremy Radick
(Moderator: Keir Hansen)

Fan Panel: “The Power of the Spoken Word”
A panel analysis of some of the most emotionally impactful written moments in televised DW, along with discussion over the balance between dialogue and delivery. Do the quotes that sit heaviest on our hearts have the same impact, once separated from the actor who spoke them?

LIVE RECORDING: Gallifrey Public Radio!
Recording their podcast live with audience participation, the GPR staff will discuss “classic” elements of Doctor Who that could see a notable success if returned to the “modern” series. From characters, to locations, to technology, crew and audience will consider what could be brought into the current program, with varying degrees of update or rejuvenation.

Fan Panel: “The Doctor/Companion Symbiosis”
An analysis of the mutually beneficial relationship between a Time Lord and their traveling associate(s) from both classic and modern eras, as well as some hypothesis on the upcoming new companion for Series 10.

Be aware, the agenda is subject to last-minute changes right up until the event weekend, and locations for each panel and session will be posted both in the official LI Who booklet, and posted in numerous locations throughout the venue. Should anything change, we’ll also try to keep everyone apprised via Facebook and Twitter, so keep tuned in through those networks as well!